New Service: Shopify!

February 8, 2018

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We now offer Shopify online stores!


Image of Shopify Logo


Great! But what does that mean?
Shopify is a great platform to launch an online store. It makes handling your stock extremely easy, handles all the tricky parts such as shopping carts and takes care of payments too. Then we’ll build your shop and develop your custom theme. All you’ll need to do is add your stock and start selling!

So what are the advantages?
Well other than those I’ve already mentioned, Shopify can be extended with apps and add-ons to simplify other tasks too, such as calculating shipping, printing shipping labels and even accounting integrations. It even has the option to add a point of sale system in a physical shop and link everything together!

Where can I find out more?
All the information you could require is on their website. If you’re not sure which package would be best for you, just get in touch for a chat.


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